Occupational and Environmental Health and Wellness

Preserving, protecting and promoting the health and safety of the workforce and the environment

25+ Years of Experience

IHA is guided by our commitment to the development and implementation of innovative, customized programs in Health and Wellness, Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Protection, Preventive Medicine, Aviation Safety, Physiology & Biomedical Services, and other related disciplines. As a physician-owned company, IHA is uniquely qualified to help clients identify problems and proactively develop customized programs to achieve outstanding results.  
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IHA Services

Inomedic Health Applications, Inc. (IHA) is a Woman-Owned Small Business dedicated to supporting worker health and safety programs for federal, state, and commercial organizations. Applying the principles and practices of preventive medicine is the foundation of how we achieve our mission.

Medical Services

IHA ensures our clients comply with guidance and standards promulgated by regulatory agencies to protect the health of their workers. IHA staffs and operates occupational health clinics that provide onsite clinical care for on-the-job injuries and illnesses; monitors the health status of workers exposed to environmental hazards; provides physical examinations for surveillance and health maintenance support; offers employee assistance program (EAP) support; operates fitness centers; and offers health education programs, and provides additional services as needed. Read More.

Environmental Services

IHA ecologists, biological scientists, and environmental engineers conduct special studies and long-term monitoring in support of ecological programs. We conduct threatened and endangered species work, including surveys, monitoring, and associated biological assessments. IHA monitors, evaluates, and reports on ecosystem conditions and documents trends and recommendations for improving ecosystem health. Our staff provide technical support to meet mission and environmental permit and regulatory requirements in air, groundwater, wastewater, spill prevention control countermeasures, wetlands, solid waste, PCBs, pesticides, biomedical wastes, and environmental remediation. Read More.

Environmental Health Services

IHA industrial hygienists, health physicists, and public health experts specialize in the recognition, evaluation, and control of a wide range of chemical, biological, and physical hazards. We provide consultations and in-the-field assessments of workplace hazards for use by workers, supervisors, safety managers, legal, and organization executives. Our health physicists conduct risk assessments, monitor for radiation hazards, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The public health staff conducts specialized investigative and advisory responses involving accidents and incidents that potentially impact public health. Read More.

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