Integrated solutions that support the employee from the first day on the job. Detailed services, professional and knowledgeable staff, experienced at managing environmental regulatory compliance.

Medical Services

Occupational Health Program Subject Matter Expertise

Occupational Health  Program Assessments

Clinical Applications and Database Administration

Aerospace Medicine Consultation

Electronic Health Records Management

Response to Manmade and Natural Disasters

Health Promotion and Education

Nurse Case Management

Urgent Care Medical Services

Health Maintenance Examinations

Medical Education and Training

CPR / AED Program Mgt & Training

Employee Assistance Program

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation

Clinical Laboratory

Medical Consultation and Review

Environmental Services

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Inspections and Surveillance Services

Environmental Expertise for Construction

Environmental Assessments

Environmental Impact Statements

Energy Program Management

Archeological and Historic Property surveys

Hazardous and Controlled Waste Management

Post-Emergency Spill Cleanup

Environmental Sampling, Analysis and Monitoring

Waste Characterization Sampling

Investigative and Remediation Monitoring

Environmental Laboratories

Ecological Monitoring and Assessment

Endangered Species Studies and Protection

Air Quality Monitoring

Earth Systems Modeling and Data Management

Geographical Information Systems

Sustainability, Recycling and Affirmative Procurement

Environmental Health Services

Industrial Hygiene/Risk Assessment

OSHA Compliance Assessments

Health Hazard Evaluations

Noise Surveys

Material Safety Data Sheet Program Administration

Confined Space Hazard Assessments

Oxygen Deficiency Risk Assessments

Asbestos Sampling/ Monitoring

Hazardous Chemical Sampling
(real-time & integrated methods)

Ergonomic Evaluations

Health Physics Program Support

Ionizing and Non Ionizing Radiation Surveys

Radiation Risk Assessment & Safety Training

On-site Health Physics Laboratory

Major Radiological Source Mission Support
(Contingency Planning/Ground Ops)

Food Safety Inspections

Epidemiological Studies

Public Health/Sanitary Surveys

On-site Environmental Microbiological Laboratory